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John B Keane On Drink

2014-03-31 21:21:54

New Karu Update

I spent a while today adding some style changes to Karu Ja Hundu. I've added a style to each of the different post filters in the menu bar. Posts in each category are then marked with a slim bar matching the filter's colour. This makes it easier to tell which section of the site you are currently viewing. It also means you can tell which category a post is in on the Karu landing page (the landing page loads the last 5 posts of any category).

Additionally I've added dynamic meta keyword and description generation, each post viewed via the direct link now has unique html meta data.

The direct link button has been removed, direct access to the post can be gained by clicking the post's title.

Lastly, I've added a new section 'Photography'. I've added a few of my photos and plan on adding more over time.

2014-03-17 21:39:41

Noonan R (2013) Gingest

'Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of the ginger persuasion.'

2013-09-04 10:53:24


There, in the corner, staring at his drink. 
The cap juts like a gantry's crossbeam, 
Cowling plated forehead and sledgehead jaw. 
Speech is clamped in the lips' vice. 

That fist would dropp a hammer on a Catholic- 
Oh yes, that kind of thing could start again; 
The only Roman collar he tolerates 
Smiles all round his sleek pint of porter. 

Mosaic imperatives bang home like rivets; 
God is a foreman with certain definite views 
Who orders life in shifts of work and leisure. 
A factory horn will blare the Resurrection. 

He sits, strong and blunt as a Celtic cross, 
Clearly used to silence and an armchair: 
Tonight the wife and children will be quiet 
At slammed door and smoker's cough in the hall. 

-Seamus Heaney

2013-08-30 17:21:09

Subtle, I like it.

I use bitbucket at home and at work. I was quite happy to see they updated their company logo recently. 

bb pride

2013-07-01 11:08:03

New Fountain Pen

I've been looking for a new pen for a while now. This weekend I found the Cross Century ii Fountain pen for €22 euro in my local TK maxx. I've seen these pens sell from €60 to €100. It's a really nice pen. Perfect weight and the nib isn't too heavy either. Cross ink is only €2.99 which is a good bit cheaper than the Parker ink I was buying.


2013-06-24 09:06:49

Fountain pens and handwriting

I have fairly bad handwriting, I always did and I guess I always will. A good few years ago now back when I was in my final year of my BSc I was told by a lecturer that I should do something about my handwriting as the exams were soon approaching and I didn't want to loose marks for illegible answers. 

I learned cursive in school but never learned how to make it look good. My handwriting today is a hodgepodge of different styles which I'm sure makes for difficult interpretation. I decided there was very little I could do about it as I didn't have the time to relearn cursive handwriting or try retrain my hand to form the shapes required to write efficiently using the simple print style.

I spend an evening paying attention to how I wrote and noticed two things. I wrote very quickly and leaned very heavily on the page. I then remembered how I hated using a fountain pen in school because it dragged on the page and required a lighter touch. These two once negatives seemed like the exact treatment my handwriting needed, so I bought a fountain pen. After a few days I noticed my handwriting had improved significantly and thankfully no one complained about my exam scripts. 

I've been using a fountain pen for the best part of fours years now and my handwriting had improved. I've actually been using the exact same pen all this time. The Parker vector blue;

parker pen

I'm now considering an upgrade and would really like the Pelikan M200;

Pelikan M200

2013-06-05 09:53:31

L Plates - No more.

It took just over 6 months from start to finish but today I happily removed the learner plates from my trustworthy VW Polo. The week leading up to the test was horrible, work was busy and for three of the five working days that week I was out practising for Saturday's test.

Along came Saturday, just after Friday - which I suppose is to be expected. I glance over the rules of the road one more time and made my way downstairs to the apartment gates where my car was parked. I click the gate buzzer and noting. After about 10 minuets of banging, pressing and shoving I conceded that the gates were well and truly broken. 

I took out my phone to ring my driving instructor and just as I started search for his number a drunk man approached me. He told me that if I was to squeeze in through the gate and drive my car up to the sensors from the inside the gate would open. This really made no sense to me because surely my gate buzzer and the sensors on the inside of the gate all trigger the same hydraulics once initiated. With nothing to loose I decided to give it a try and to my disbelief it worked. Forty five minuets later I was a fully qualified driver.

2012-08-18 10:10:39

Changing my cabin filter

The blowers in my car (VW Polo) used to be really poor. Even on full blast they did very little to stop the windscreen from fogging up. A friend of mine suggested I change the cabin filter to help improve air flow.

So, after visiting 4 different motor factors I found the filter I needed in this store. For those of you interested the filter I needed was an LA-120 and it costs €16 euro.

After doing some searching I found where the filter is located. It was held in a handy little holder located under the glove compartment apposed to under the bonnet. After removing the security clips the filter slid out easily. I was also amazed at how dirty it was. After switching out the filter and turning on the blowers I was happily surprised at how much better they preformed.

The whole process took about 20 minutes.

2012-07-16 15:58:52

Driving. It's handy, isn't it.

This has been my first week owning a car and my golly it's been great. Above all it makes doing the shopping really easy. Mind you I'm still not happy about driving down through Limerick city - too many people to 'bump' into.

So far so good. On my way to being a fully licenced driver!

2012-06-14 00:00:18

I want one!

I have been looking at these for ages now and I really want one. I just can justify the price.


2012-05-21 23:43:39